Soil Positive

Booster Specialization

Innovative Technology

Reduce your dependence on NPK chemicals

Our soil booster is an effective substitute for traditional chemical components. It restores and conditions depleted soils.

Humic and fulvic extracts are also an excellent natural and organic way to provide soil with an ultra-pure, concentrated dose of essential micro-nutrients, minerals, and trace elements, thereby improving nutrient uptake via natural complexing agents and, tolerance to abiotic stress, and enhances conditions for better plant establishment.

Humic and fulvic also optimize soil conditions for greater root mass, and the conversion of applied nutrients to plant available forms, thereby allowing use of soil that would otherwise be low-producing or non-arable.

Positive Environmental Impact

Through our innovative production technology and based on current emissions from coal-fired power plants, we estimate that for every kg of our soil booster used, we prevent 2.19 kgs of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere.

Together, we are positively
impacting the planet.