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Silvex International Ltd ( is a 12-year-old Nigerian company based in Kano. Silvex works with local farmers to produce staple crops such as rice, groundnut, sesame, soybean, maize, and hibiscus flower.

The company is partnering to support the small-holder growers in Jigawa, Kano and Kaduna States, each with an average size farm of 2 hectares or less. These farms currently produce both conventional and organic crops, and the objective is to transform all farms to 100% organic production by the end of 2025. The organic conversion will increase product demand and deliver higher prices sustainably to these farmers.

Silvex shall uses the standards of international best practices to eliminate any form of unethical dealings, and ensures to provide quality products and services to their valuable customer base.

Silvex has strategic partnerships with companies and people who have innovative ideas for unlocking and enhancing the growth of agribusiness and commodity trading in Nigeria and other African nations.

Silvex is committed to building trust and cooperation with relevant stakeholders with a view to formulate a viable framework which helps Africans and African Governments achieve self sufficiency, economic prosperity and food security as part of their corporate social responsibility commitment.