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Climate Wedge Ltd ( is an independent carbon management and investment advisory firm pursuing GHG reduction project development in the carbon markets, and providing carbon emissions-trading related advisory to corporations, financial institutions, and low-carbon technology providers around the world.

Climate Wedge is the original author of the first version of the Voluntary Carbon Standard and is actively involved in transacting carbon instruments, developing GHG reduction projects, and creating, financing, and bringing to market new emission reduction technologies and project development ventures.

They are particularly focused on backing innovative transactions and highly scalable abatement sources and platforms that push the boundaries of the carbon markets.

They have acted as a principal, co-developer, or advisor on transactions exceeding 50 million tons of CO2 eq reductions across tens of carbon reduction projects in Europe, FSU, Asia, and the Americas.

RegenFarm UK ( is an agricultural technology developer that has developed and continues to enhance a digital aggregation platform that provides data analytics, farmer aggregation support tools, traceability, and the metrics and measuring tools necessary to quantify the carbon credits generated by the program.